Who is Gilbert Wat?

Currently building useful and delightful software in GOGOX with a team of smart, pragmatic and empathatic developers, product managers, quality analysts and data scientists.

Co-founded CODE4HK with Vincent Lau to build Hong Kong developer community and give back to society via our professional.

Previously consulted in a SF startup. Built a video ad player that play within milliseconds and decode video streams via WebGL and ServiceWorker. Helped reach product market fit.

Also worked on personal assistants as a service, real time analytics of shopping mall traffics as the first engineer in the team.

Built CI/CD pipeline for mobile, streamlined deployment from 4 hour effort to 1 click.

Built Android client with a team of 30 for one of the first mobile payment solutions.

And pretty much it.

How to work with him?

No Bullshit.

Always seek alignment and win-win.

Frank, and you can be mean to him, coz he sometimes is.

Laugh at his lame joke.

DO NOT second-guess decisions, unless there are new learnings.

Contract is an agreement. Changing it requires stakeholders acknowledgement.

He is hopelessly optimistics, sorry =P.