Wat Chun Pang Gilbert (屈振鵬)

Email: g@getthingsdone.hk

Tel: +852 93739813

Craft product with software engineering. Cofounded CODE4HK.

Current Position

Software Engineer Team Lead for at GoGoVan
From Jul 2017 to Now

  • Brief description:
    I am helping software engineering team to formulate software delivery process to be more agile and lead efforts to modularize the a monolilth system.
  • Major achievements:
    • Makes deployment process more agile.
    • Consolidate onboarding process.
    • Rearchitect and implement part of the mission critical system from RESTful API pull to websocket push based
    • Modularize code from a monolilthic approach to a more modularized approach
    • Communicate priorities, challenges to management and product team.
    • Coach and share agile knowledge to the team
  • Technologies and methodologies used:
    Ruby on Rails, Websocket, Dockers, Heroku, Agile, JIRA

Past Positions

Software Consultant for at Andy OS Inc.
From Mar 2016 to Nov 2016

  • Brief description:
    I helped complete a product that deliver Facebook video experience on mobile web. The product was stalled for over a year and we completed in 1 and a half month. It uses of a wide range of web technologies, notably Canvas API of HTML5, WebSocket, Emscripten and gstreamer. Also developed a audio streaming module to stream live audio from local machine to a website. It is integrated to Andyroid, flagship product of Andy OS.
  • Major achievements:
    • Productized the technology of autoplaying video into a full-fledged video advertisement delivery plugin.
    • Optimized loading time of the product, from >8s of a client site without cache to <1s.
    • Optimized video playback mechanism to minimize data usage and frame rate.
    • Found and implemented technological solution to autoplay video tag on mobile browser in iOS < 10 and Chrome Android < 53.
    • Experimented with different monetization methods for the product
    • Analyzed data with Google Analytics and mixpanel to increase revenue
    • Integrated with video manipulating products on *nix system, i.e. gstreamer and ffmpeg
  • Technologies and methodologies used:
    Canvas API(HTML5), VAST/VPAID, VideoJS, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, gstreamer, ffmpeg, React.JS, Socket.IO, Emscripten, WebGL
  • Reason of leaving:
    Project got cancelled because of financial reason

Founding Engineer at Clione Labs Ltd.
From Oct 2014 to Feb 2016

  • Brief description:
    As the first employee, I helped my company to iterate our products with my technical capabilities. I prioritized work, designed architecture, implemented solution.
  • Major achievements:
    • Experimented different business and technical solution in two topics:
      1. Indoor physical location analytics and ad-retargeting using iBeacon.
      2. Business Admin on Demand on IM platform such as Telegram and Slack.
    • Designed and implement efficient time series data structure in MongoDB.
    • Designed partly the UI/UX of dashboards for internal communication
    • Used event sourcing as a core architecture choice.
    • Implemented technical solution in Unidirectional data flow before Redux is available.
    • Deploy Meteor JS in production on Heroku instance
    • Designed NLP sentimental analysis POC
    • Contributed back to Meteor community by wrapping momentJS into Meteor compatible packages
    • Followed scrum and agile principles to develop software
    • Followed TDD in developing core components such as payment modules
  • Technologies and methodologies used:
    MeteorJS, Javascript, jQuery, D3.js, React.JS, MongoDB, Scrum, Event Source Architecture, RethinkDB, Mixpanel, Socket.IO, AWS stack, expressJS, Heroku
  • Reason of leaving:
    Project got cancelled because of financial reason
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Software Engineer at MPayme Ltd.(Acquired by Powa Technology Ltd.)
From Sep 2012 to Oct 2014

  • Brief description:
    Android developer on ZNAP. Apart from developing core product, I helped in evangelizing GIT to whole IT team and the whole IT team used GIT as a result. Apart from software development, I have also proposed, leaded, executed and completed devops project. The project Streamlined deployment of Android app and reduced deployment process from half day to 1 click.
  • Major achievements:
    • Developed the Android client of ZNAP platform - a J2EE based O2O-commerce platform.
    • Proposed, leaded, executed and completed testing and deployment automation of mobile app project. It involves developers from DevOps, Mobile and QA. The result of the project is the median effort to release new version is reduced from 60 minutes to 1 minutes and allow nightly build.
    • Introduced Git to IT and creative department through demo and presentation. Result in full adoption of Git in related departments.
    • Assisted merchant integration team in demonstration of ZNAP platform.
    • Implemented Merchant POS app of ZNAP platform on Android.
    • Collaborated in designing and refining RESTful APIs of the ZNAP platform.
    • Migrated Android build from Ant to Gradle. This future-proofed the build system.
    • Introduced Guava into the team. The team had reduced 30% of bugs introduced and increased our code quality
    • Evaluate different Android UI testing frameworks with QA team. Frameworks such as Robotium, Appium and Expresso.
    • Shared knowledge and report bugs on JIRA and Confluence
    • Followed scrum and agile principles to develop software
  • Reason of leaving:
    Company got acquired and went on a direction misaligned with my career aspiration.
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  • Technologies and methodologies used:
    RESTful, Java, Android, Guava, Bash, Jenkins, Gradle, Groovy, Robotium, Appium, Scrum, Ant, JIRA, Confluence

Analyst Programmer at Easyapps
From Oct 2011 to Sep 2012

  • Brief description:
    I was a developer in all projects, focusing on system and mobile. I have designed and developed a coupon system from scratch with CodeIgniter.
  • Major achievements:
    • Suggested and implemented technical solutions ranging from Coupon system to mobile app full stack solution.
    • Improved and established practices to improve efficiency in technical aspects, such as introduced Hg as version control system.
    • Introduced CodeIgniter to the team. This increased code quality and efficiency of the team.
    • System design and implementation on both client and server side for different clients
    • Designed RESTful API for clients
    • Notable projects: doupons.tv, Pleo rb android app, Infotech android app
  • Technologies and methodologies used:
    RESTful, Java, C#, Android, PHP, CodeIgniter, JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Scrum
  • Reason of leaving:
    Aspired to work in a bigger team to train up my technical and communication skills.

Freelance Programmer at Content Lizenz Agentur
From Feb 2011 to Jul 2011

  • Brief description:
    In-house developer in Germany
  • Major achievements:
    • Developed mobile website and optimized performance of a VOD platform
    • Designed and implemented web services for accessing contents in the VOD platform
    • Developed Android application for club members of VOD platform to access exclusive contents
    • Developed Android application to access free content from Youtube channel of VOD platform
    • Developed and maintained in-house resource management web application.
  • Reason of leaving:
    Visa expired
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  • Technologies Used: Java, C#, Android, Mobile jQuery, PHP, Wowza

Research Assistant at The University of Hong Kong
From May 2010 to Aug 2010

  • Refactored final-year project of my team - an E-Hospital system into a framework.
  • Created a training session for the final year students in year 2010/11 who were interested in Dr Hui's topic in final year project.
  • Created a SDK for further development of my group's final year project.
  • Created training materials in development of my group's final year project

Software Engineer Trainee at Uniforce System Ltd.
From May 2008 to Aug 2008

  • Researched on realistic product display in web.
  • Implemented the overall layout of cyberbuy.com
  • Communicated with designers, clients and developers to ensure the design of the site is fully implemented.
  • Developed plugins for Drupal CMS.

Programmer Trainee at Asia Solution Corp. Ltd.
From May 2005 to Aug 2005

  • Developed flash game based on Sokuban.

Side Projects

Cofounder at CODE4HK
From Jan 2014 to (Until Hong Kong is great again)

Cofounder at voyage.wine
From Jan 2017

  • Brief Description:
    I helped in anything that can move the needle forward in giving the best experience for aspiring wine enthusiasts

Participant in Flir Hackathon

  • Brief Description:
    Developed a helium airship solution to monitor wildfire using Flir Camera in Android and MeteorJS

Judge in Technology Challenge in Tech Museum, San Jose

  • Brief Description:
    The challenge is an annual competition sponsored by tech giants in San Jose to promote STEM education in K-12 schools. Those schools will be represented by their students to compete in overcoming a technology challenge. This year the challenge is about glided miniature plane. I Judged teams from K12 schools based on different technological criteria.