Gilbert Wat is ...

TL:DR; for recruiter: Resume is here

Gilbert Wat is a Javascript + Android developer. As a frontend and mobile app developer, he has developed mobile payment solution, physical location analytics, virtual assistant as a service, web video ad delivery plugins. These products have provided Gilbert a wide range of domain knowledge. Domain knowledge and requirement sometimes doesn't compatible with the platform restriction, so he had to hack through them to get things done.

In his previous job, he is able to optimize a workaround of video autoplay problem on mobile web to a point that is ready for market. Market doesn't tolerate a video advertisement plugin takes 8s to load and play the video. He optimized it down to 1s. This optimization requires immerse understanding of web browser platform, the loading cycle of different web component and creativity to workaround restriction of different browsers. This is doing embedded programming in web platform.

Getting things done sometime is not enough. Gilbert is also capable to spot and fix operation inefficiency. He has proposed, led and completed an initiative to speed up the mobile application deployment process. This process used to require a developer to spend 2-4 hours of manual process. This process applies to 4 mobile platforms. Building our products required 2 man-days per release. This effort is reduced to a click from developer. Other than a manual click, developers can also set up nightly build to keep a rolling release.

Apart from improving efficiency of your business or technical operation, he is very hungry for international exposure. This hunger combines with his get things done altitude, letting him able to work as a developer/consultant in Berlin and San Francisco. There he is able to tap in into the working culture and understand what makes those cities great for technological innovation.

With a global perspective, he also contribute back to the community in his hometown. He organizes with his partners CODE4HK and some other developers' meetup, hoping to gather developers and engage them in different civic discourses.

Social discourse and excellence in application development are not satisfying to Gilbert. He picks up data analysis. He practices through competing in Kaggle and completing MOOC by Andrew Ng. These actions will complement his get things done experience and make Gilbert an all rounded champion in IT industry.

How to get the most out of Gilbert

You can depend him on delivering high quality software in a timely fashion, given the deal is fair. You can also structure a 1+1 > 2 deal with him to achieve a even better result. Other than work, he loves to cycle, moving from leisure to competitive. You can guarantee a lively chat with him on cycling, also sports and fitness broadly.

Unfortunately, if you are a social game company or casinos, you are out of luck. Because he has a social conscience and believes social games are heroin in 21st century.

How to get to him?

You can Email him or message him through Linkedin. Or you can bump him on the street of Hong Kong, eating fishball and dimsum.